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Junior Golf

"Where a lifetime of fun begins."

The Junior Golf Program is for anyone between the ages of 5-18. The focus of this program is to provide quality golf instruction to juniors of varying ages and skill levels. North Hills Country Club allows students to experience golf on a real course while competing in fun games and events.

We are constantly striving to use the best methods to train a new generation of golfers. Please visit our Junior Golf Media section, to view training tips, work outs, and trainer introductions.

Our youth course has two different level tee's to shorten the distance to the hole. Below you can see the total distance at 9 and 18 holes for the level one and two junior course.
  9 Holes 18 holes
Level 1 1527 yards 3054 yards
Level 2 2068 yards 4136 yards

For junior golfers the benefits are instrumental to develop their skills. Not only does it scale down the course but it reduces stress and enhances enjoyment of the game. Young golfers are also still eligible for the USGA established handicap. To the right you can see hole one offers a distance of 145 yards for level one and 195 yard for level two tee's. Compare the level one tee to the blue tee at 345 yards and distance to the hole is cut in half.

Here at North Hills we hope to offer the best playing environment for every golfer. The youth course allows us to get kids interested and skilled in the game early so they can enjoy a lifetime of golfing.

Members visit Member Central for more information or contact our Pro Shop at (262) 251-8190.